Thursday, 10 December 2015


I feel so fantastic for 2016 because I am so ready to get my very own Chromebook. Also  I am so excited to see my new teacher.

This year I learnt new things like using iMovie and crafting new things and how to put things on my blog. Next I learnt how to use E-Ako. Also i just love learning about new things and doing hard stuff.

The thing I enjoyed the most is doing reading, writing and art too because I love learning about different things each day when we come to school.

Also I love being a team if we all work together a class or a group.

What wasn’t so great was the fighting  and the bullying that people do and the loud noise that they make. Also the people who run around the classroom when they are supposed  to do their work when they are not.

What was really good is people making friends with boys and girls and  working hard also help people and little kids if they need help or not. Also people make mistakes and they learn right from wrong.

I can make it better by learning lot and working hard as you can and that's how you make it better next time.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Dinosaur story

On Thursday morning the extension group was so excited to film there dinosaur movie. The     group that I was with was Levonah and Aaliah.

So the first thing my group did is going to get dressed up.After that my group walked nicely to put our bags to put our uniforms into our bags.

Next Levonah took us  to the place that we were going to film.That place was where the trees were and me and Aaliah had to act like Levonah’s friend for the first part of the movie.

After that we all stared to all argue with our little group. Next Revival said stop so we can finish off our movie. Then Levonah,Aaliah and me all agree so we listen what Revival said.

After that Revival let me Levonah and Aaliah play on the park.

Then once Revival said that we need to go back to class and we were just in time to get our Dinosaur movie done.

The Next time we do it we are trying to not argue with our little group and have some fun.