Friday, 17 August 2018

Lighting Strikes

Task Description :Today me and my friend Sonnia had deiced to do a presentation all about Lighting Strikes and what was happening about it . This was part of our free time well not really but chocies to pick so this is what we wanted to write about .  This was a Fun presentation to do . GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS  STAY SAFE . 
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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Rubbish Clean Up Experience Recount - Writing 2018

Walt: structure a recount

These days in the world rubbish is not going so well . Anyways today in literacy class I thought it was going to be a normal day , but there was something mysterious going on. “ ummmm what’s happening “??? Have you ever heard something mysterious going on ??? Well keep tuned to find out ...

In class our teacher ( Mr Goodwin ) told the whole class of room seven literary that there was something boring to do and it was a BORING RECOUNT . Anyways Mr Goodwin told us the rules of walking and being Out Of School Then we got our shoes or just go in bare feet . Next step was to go line up in two lines then walk shoulder to shoulder to the person next to you , walking in a class towards the breeze, but unfortunately we had to stop Because Mr Goodwin said I will be back quick ( well something around about that ) then he came back with long big black plastic bags . I was wondering what we were gonna do . So we walked in two lines to the brezze then I told my friend Leilani “ Oi I think we are going to hop in the bag and jump to the other end but on the other end I was thinking that we were picking up rubbish , Finally we had reached the bottom field of our school and Mr Goodwin said “ It looks like there is not that much rubbish but he said neverminded lets do it on the Pt England Reserve”, I was Happy cause we got to go out of school to go on the Pt England Reserve “ Slowly Walking like 5cm forward we had to stop because we had to get in groups of 5 or 6 and my group was Chance , Leilani and myself but so sadly we got split up because there was only 3 of us , so my new group was Inga , Jedida , Amria , Roshaan and Myself.

Moving on our teacher ( Mr Goodwin ) explained where the boundaries where and, if we go out our whole team would get disqualification . The first zone was to the fence and to the far goldpost and when Mr Goodwin said “ Go !!!! “ My Whole Team ran and I saw lots of rubbish sitting in a pile of hay . A couple of seconds later our teacher blowed the whistle . Then we moved on to our next location which was the gold post and the walkway , but just in front of it , anyways seconds later our teacher blowed the whistle again . Next we went to the last location which was the next part was the bottom filed back in our school grounds , my team rubbish and most people went to the tree’s behind the bike track and more , Mr Goodwin below the whistle again . Our teacher was even kind enough to give us a another chance, so he told us “ the final place was our top field's so my team ran as fast as we can to pick up rubbish , Me and Marika saw the packet of shapes and we raced to it and I Picked it up and Marika said No I got it but it was already in my hand, next our teacher below the final whistle again .

The challenge was all over but we had to sit in our team lines with the plastic bags in front of the line . But there was a judge and the judge was Mrs Haare . So Mrs Haare cheeked the first group ( I gotta say they picked up a lot of rubbish ) . Next Mr Haare checked the next group ( It was Clean Pick up ) . Next Mrs Haare Checked the next team’s Bag ( I Thought it was Good ) . My group was the Next Group so Mrs Haare Checked though it , ( I was thinking our team rubbish bag was pretty clean but until Mr Haare Pulled up a Piece of Bark and I said Who put that it there ??? ) After that is was the lucky last team so Mrs Haare checked what was inside of there bag and she pulled out a jandal and everyone laughed because why would u put a jandel . Anyways Mrs Haare announced the Winners and it was Sonnia’s group . I felt happy that they won because they did well .

When the experience had finished I was proud of myself because I made a big difference compared to last time where there were lots of rubbish, look at it now it’s clean the Reverse to Pt England School Fields , even though my team didn't win it was a amazing experience also it was for a good cause because we had helped our community . I definitely recommend this for to others to do also to help there community by doing something little like picking up rubbish .

Task Description : Today room seven literacy had to do a recount on our rubbish clean up experience . What I mean by that is where our teacher Mr Goodwin took us out for a walk and did a competition against each other to see who would pick up the most rubbish in 5 location 's . Once those 5 location 's were done the Special Judge will  announced who won . 

Friday, 10 August 2018

A Healthy Week - Reading 2018

Walt: look for the hidden meaning in the text.

Task Description : For this Task We had to write a Healthy week schedule for someone our age . So what we did was we had to think of different kinds of things and exercises to do though the week . Then we had to explain why is fitting in excise healthy for your body and say why . 

One , Two , Three , Go !!! - Reading 2018

Walt: find relevant information in the text.

Task Description : For This Task We had to Read the Physical Journal ( One, Two, Three, Go! ) . Then Next we had to reread the book and read the question to see if we disagree or agree then find the page where we find the evidence on . After That we had to reflet on 1 question that was given to answer lastly . 

Friday, 3 August 2018

Write the Scene - Writing 2018

Walt: think about dialogue between characters
Task Description : For this Task we had to write the Lines of two Characters saying something to each other . Next we had to find a pair to work with and see which one that they want to do . Next we had to practice the lines just in case our Teacher Mr Goodwin would pick us to act . What I mean by that was Mr Goodwin would pick a couple of group's to act out the lines of the scene in front of the class outside.

Family of Facts 7 - Maths 2018

Walt: solve problems with multiple elements.

Task Description : For this Task we had to do a Family Facts 7 Presentation which means there were 3 number's given to us to work out which go's with which . There were Single Number's Double Number's and Triple Number's we had to work with well not the Triple but that's what I did for my Last Question . 

Exercise Wise - Reading 2018

Walt: find relevant information in the text.

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Task Description : For this Task we had to do this task called Exercise Wise . We had to read a reading called " Why is Exercise Wise " then we had to Pick a Sport or Flexibility or Strength and what what was under the name that you could do . Then we had to answer some questions on the poster and then we added photo's with it .