Tuesday, 20 August 2019

What I learnt about OCTOPUSES and CEPHALOPODS

Task Description : For this task we had to explain what we learn about  OCTOPUSES and CEPHALOPODS for our science inquiry , I have explained what I have learnt about  OCTOPUSES and CEPHALOPODS on an google drawings and provided some extra information to go with my science inquiry task 

Thursday, 15 August 2019

Explaining what I learnt about The Origin of Life

Task Description : This task is explaining on our Science Inquiry and what I learnt about the Origin of Life . By explaining what I have learnt I have created an Google Drawings to explain to you and what I have learnt !!

Advertisements Persuasive or Not?

Task Description : Today we are learning to recognize how advertisements use persuasion . By learning how to Recognize on how  advertisements use persuasion we are given 4 advertisements to talk about in this presentation . 

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

NED Show ( Highlights )

Today later In the afternoon the whole school attended the NED Show !!! NED stands for N = Never Give up , E = Encourage Others and D = Do your best it was performed by Ned and Nicole !
The Whole show was about NED's Mindset Mission and what I mean by saying that was he was stuck on an problem and didn't know what to do do he went on an mission to find out what it was and a long the way NED and Nicole teached us some things about Life .
My highlight of the whole show had to be when we came in and sat all down and when she was showing us tricks with the NED Yoyo's and Magic trick too !!

Explaining the Fragile Web of Life - Science Inquiry

Task Description : Today for Inquiry we had to create something to show our understandings of what the Fragile Web of life means to us , I have created an google drawings to explain my understandings of the Fragile Web of Life.

Zebrafish Science Summary

Task Description : Today we did science with learning about Zebrafish and had to write about what we learn and Me and Skye created an Google Drawings and this poster include an short summary about what we learnt about Zebrafish and some fun facts and websites that came from the Internet.

Genome Sequence Summary

When our bodies are fully asleep in our bodies do all sorts of things like healing themselves without us knowing not even a single bit ,but it doesn’t include magic and that's for sure .
DNA is part of us and it controls us as an Instruction Manual in our bodies the instructions that includes 6 billion Chemical letters which are A , G , T and C.
99% of our Sequences are mainly the same but only 1% is different which means if you have brown eyes and you want your baby to have blue eyes you are likely to only have a chance of 1% out of 100% .
Everyone in the world has glitches in our bodies and if you have a change in your body that means it will likely be weaker than the other arm unless you want to find the glitch and sort it out your gonna have to look inside your Genome Sequence . 
Now that were in the future it is easier to test and remove DNA or testing blood since there is higher technology .
Working out where your genome is from, can really help the doctors find out what your condition treatment is...
Task Description : Today in Literacy we had watched an Genome Sequence Video for our reading task and here's a little summary of what me and Rosiephine Learnt while watching the video , This is mainly our Notes we took in our own words to show our summary of the video we had watched .