Sunday, 14 October 2018

#13 Holiday Blogpost - Last day of Term 3 Holidays !!!

As it was the Last day of the Term 3 Holidays This is going to be my last post of the term 3 holidays . I am kinda sad because the holidays are over . Anyways I will see you 2moro at school . BYEEEE

#12 Holiday Blog post - Pacific Cup Netball Tournament ( TONGA )

At The pacific cup Netball Tournament the U11 Tongan Team 4 came first out of all the Teams we had went against which meant we came first and we were undefeated in our sector / Grade . It was a Great day yesterday and I had enjoyed my day so much also we got a gold medal for coming first . Thank you to all our supports & parents who took there time off there day just to come and watch us and support us though out our day . Well Done U11 Tongan Team 4 for coming first in our Sector / Grade .

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

#11 Holiday Blog-Post = What I did Today

Task Description : Today I deiced to write in a presentation about what I did today . This is just what happened today which was fun . sorry for the short task description to go with this task . Enjoy the rest of your Holidays remember to keep tuned for more blog post's coming and to stay safe and god bless you and your family and friends . BYEEEEEEEEEEEE

Sunday, 7 October 2018

#10 Holiday Blog-Post = Hakula Tongan Finals / What we did today

Today was a LONG DAY why well here it goes……….

In the morning the whole family had to wake up early because we had to go and support our brother ( Lomio ) and the Rest of the Hakula Tongan team’s . So first we obviously had to get ready and do other things . But anyways 20 - 30 minutes later we are all ready to go in the early mornings . Once we got all out of the house we decided to go to the countdown in Mt Wellington to grab a couple things . 

After that we traveled / drove to the Otahuhu Fields and we came so early that we were the 1st or 2nd people to be there so early . Waiting and Awaiting people started to come and park up . Then the whole family got everything out of the car like the food & Chairs & Mat . Carrying everything down we founded a nice spot so then we settled our things up . 

Setting our things up and waiting the first game was playing well really it was 2 games 1 game on field 1 and the other on field 2 . Well first game went by . Games after Games like about 4 or 5  it was finally 1.30pm that was the time that the U14’s Tongan Team was against Scallions ( Finals )  .After that the Tongan team did there Haka / National anthem then the Scallions did there’s I gotta say both teams were strong .  First half was amazing because Tonga got 4 Trys already . Then 2nd half came by then the other team got a try then tonga got a try . Then the game had ended then both teams shakes hands . Tonga won the Pasifika Cup for 2018 . 

After Tonga won the Pasifika Cup for 2018 they had a prize giving with the scallions and Tonga came first and scallions came second . Then Tonga Got medals ( Gold Medals ) then got presented the Pasifika Cup Trophy to them . After that they took photos then the scallions did there last haka after that the Tongan team did there haka too . Then Tonga had a shared lunch . Then people’s went home after that . 

After that Me , My Brother , Sister , Mum and dad , Aunty & Uncle we to eat at Roses Eight . Then we went to get Ice Cream . Then we went to The Warehouse . After  that we got some pretty cool things . Then we came back home to rest up .

Task Description : For this I just deiced to do it because I was bored anyways this whole task was based on writing on what you did today . God Bless you all and hopefully you enjoyed my writing stay safe also stay tuned for more blog-post's coming ........

Saturday, 6 October 2018

#9 Holiday Blog-post - Halloween Poem's / Other

Halloween letter's of what they stand for in our choices for fun.
H -alloween the day
A - fraid of scary things
L - ollies what kids like
L - antern that flies in the sky
O - wl that’s awake at night
W - itch that is evil
E - yes that people have

E - lf from christmas time

N - ight like the nighttime
H - aunted houses are are scary,

A - nd fun,

L - ots of fun, for everyone
L- oads of candy is in my belly
O - f chocolate and sweet of plenty
W - itches come out to play and
E - erie ghosts say boo!
E - xciting costumes worn
N - ow it’s time to trick or treat, woo
Our Halloween Poems

I’m a little pumpkin, Round and stout,

Packed with full of seeds that you can scoop out!
When I get all carved up,
You did ever see.
Then I will be the cutest Jack-o-lantern,
I am all candy
Kids eat me on Halloween night
Sweet and Sour with all kinds of candy
I am ready to eat and to be gobbled up
Candy is the best thing kids can ever want to be eaten

Task Description : Tonight me and my friend Jazzelle deiced to make a doc and write a halloween poem and write some things what each letter of halloween can stand for in our choices for fun.God bless you and your family and friends always remember to stay safe and make sure to stay tuned for more blog post's coming soon......

#8 Holiday Blog-Post -Tongan Pacific Teams Having A Mini Tournament.


Today was the day that the whole of the Tongan Pacific Teams was having a mini tournament.

Okay the start to the morning , well my whole family had to wake up so early like at 5:30am or 6:00 am I don’t Know but yeah . We were going all around the house trying to get ready . So what I did was have breakfast , brush my teeth wash my face and then got into my clothes then did my hair last thing was to pack my lunch and other stuff . 

After we lefted home we dropped of my Dad and brother to go to my brothers Hakula Tonga Games against the other nations in Otahuhu . Then we lefted and then our mum drove me and my sister to Waitakere netball courts to get ready for the Mini Tournament . After 30 - 55 minutes were family arrived there at the crouts . 

After getting to the courts me and Jahzara went to the manger to get our t - shirt’s it was the colour yellow because our team was ( Mohokoi ) a tongan flower . Once we got dressed we waited for the rest of the teams to come . 15 minutes later then whole team came then our Coach and manager gave us 2 long ribbons for our braided hair ( Yellow & Green Ribbons ) once our ribbons was in our hair we did warm up . 

After once our warm up was done .  The whole of the Pacific Tonga Teams all came to the courts to practice the march for our team it was the shortest to the tallest in the team line I was the tallest in my team . The march went the U11’s to the older kids. After we did the march we sang the Tongan national anthem 4 times to get it right and to sing it loud and proud.

After the march and Singing we went to do our warm up getting ready for the first game . Frist Games starts and we are against U11’s Team 3 ( By the way our team was U11’s Team 4 ) Anyways our first half we by and I gotta say it was awesome then the seconds half went by and it was pretty good . After our game we went to our shade and we ate a bit . After that we went to our second game which was against U11’s team 2 . So this team was hard but we had faith that we can do it . So first half went pass and it was very very good for a started of the game . Then second half went by and I gotta say it was alright but good . 

Next we went back to the Shade and we had a shared lunch . Then all the girls ate + our Support’s & Parents . After eating we rested then we went to our last  game which was U11’s team 1 . It was harder but then the first half flew by then the second half flew by and I think we tried and did our best . 

Then our Coach & Manager gave the team a speech then we went to go back to the shade to get our dresses to wear for Next week’s game . Then we went all home to get some rest after a long day …….

Task Description : Really for this Task I had deiced to write about what I had did today . Today was a BLAST because I had enjoyed my time at Netball also I had Fun . God Bless you and your Family and friends and always stay safe and stay tuned for more blog post's coming soon!! ........................


Thursday, 4 October 2018

#7 Holiday Blog-Post - Quiz Time With Lillyana & Leilani

Task Description : Tonight Me and my friend Leilani did a Presentation all about Quiz Time With Lillyana & Leilani . At First Both of us didn't know what to do in the Presentation so we had both deiced to do a Quiz all about any kind of food . We really hope you enjoy . GOD BLESS U ALL AND YOUR FAMILY AND STAY SAFE AND ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR HOLIDAY'S EVERYONE STAY TUNED FOR MORE BLOG POST'S ...

1 Outstanding girls blog and cheek it out if please  leave a positive and show her some support and love also comment if u like it ....