Sunday, 3 February 2019

Last Summer Holidays Post Before School Starts Again !!!!

W.A.L.T - Do a Last Post before school Starts !!!

Task Description : NOOOOO THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS ARE OVER !!!!! Anyways , Hey Everyone , This is going to be my Last post for the Summer Holidays !!! As school is starting on Monday I deiced to do a Post of Saying Goodbye !!! I am Saying goodbye for now and I will be Posting the Next Summer Holidays and Joining the Summer Learning Journey again and Posting in School too. As school is starting tomorrow I am excited to see my friends and my new Teachers and my New Classes I am going to be in for Term 1 , I think the Theme for Pt England School is going to be Something about Kindness or Staying Strong Together ... I hope you guys enjoyed my Blog throughout the Summer School Holidays . Overall I have enjoyed my Summer Holidays with Learning New things and Facts with the Help of Summer Learning Journey so a Big Thank you to you's for everything , Every Second and Minute I enjoyed every part of Summer Holidays !!!! Also I want to say a BIG THANK-YOU to everyone for Taking the time to look at my blog and comment on it I really appreciate it !!! God Bless you and your Family and friends and Have a Happy Blessed Sunday Everyone !!! Stay Tuned for more Post's coming when School Start's !!! Bye Everyone for Now !!

Wednesday, 30 January 2019


W.A.L.T - To tell the reader how many hours and minutes and seconds until schools starts for PES
Task Description : I wanted to share on how many hours and minutes and seconds there were before my school starts again , This shows the hours , Minutes and seconds lefted for today and it will change until this day ends !!!God Bless you and your family and friends and stay safe as always !!!

Friday, 25 January 2019

Thank you So much Rachel Williams and The Summer Learning Journey Team !!!

W.A.L.T - To say Thank - you to SLJ as it is Ending Today :(


Task Description : I deiced to say a Huge Massive Big Thank you to Rachel Williams and the Summer learning journey for everything !!! Hope you enjoy , God bless you and your family and friends and enjoy the rest of your holidays and this is the Last post for SLJ :(

The Very Last SLJ 2018 - 2019 Holiday Blogging on SLJ People’s Work that they have worked on :)

W.A.L.T - To complete the Last one of Holiday Blog Commenting on your Blog :)


Task Description : Hey Everyone this is going to be the very last  SLJ 2018 - 2019 Holiday Blogging on SLJ People’s Work that they have worked on :) I really enjoyed commenting on peoples blog and I might be commenting on peoples blog but not going to post it on my blog because i am really busy and I hope you enjoyed my 2nd to Last post to SLJ everyone !!! God Bless you and your Family and Friends and stay safe like always :)

Thursday, 24 January 2019


Today Me and my family went to go and say Goodbye to our Cousin as she was going back to Tonga !!

   I enjoyed being with her and we had 

lots of fun together , With her time in
Auckland we went to 
Movies , Zoo , Dinner in the city and More I can't wait to see her in May  and June !!!           

Task Description I deiced to share with you's what we did today !!                                        

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Day 5 The Sky's Are The Limit - Week 4 Protect and Preserve - Summer learning journey 2018 - 2019

Hey There !!! Welcome back to the Very Last post for summer learning journey :( Hope you Enjoy !!!


Activity 1: Environment Day - Beat Plastic Pollution [4 points]

Every year we celebrate World Environment Day in June. On World Environment Day we do what we can to protect our planet. This year the focus is on reducing the use of plastic bags and water bottles. Watch this Environment Day video to learn more about it!

What could you and your family do to protect the planet?

That me and my family could recycle reuse 

On your blog tell us three things that you could do to help save the planet.

My Presentation based on Environment Day - Beat Plastic Pollution!!!!

Task Description : For this First activity we had to come up with 3 ways to save our planet and i have maded a presentation to share my task and learning with you . My 3 ways to help save the planet was reduce recycle reuse and Say no to Plastic and last but not least Stop wasting food !! Hope you enjoy :)

Activity 2: Adoption Day [4 points]

Not only can you help the planet by reducing, reusing and recycling, you can also help to save animals and plants by ‘adopting’ them. To ‘adopt’ an animal through the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), you need to visit their adopt a species page, read through the list of animals and choose one.

With the WWF, you don’t actually adopt the animal and bring it home! It’s a symbolic adoption. In this case you pay a fee ($55.00) and the money is used to provide food and care for your chosen animal. Visit the WWF site and take a look at the animals who are available for adoption. Choose your ‘top three’ animals from the website.

On your blog, list the three animals that you have chosen and then compare and contrast them. How are they similar? How are they different? At the bottom of you post, tell us which of the three animals you would most like to adopt..

My Presentation based on Adoption Day !!

Task Description : For this task we had to find 3 animals that we like and compare and contrast them , I have chosen a Leopard , Lion and a Cheetah to compare and contrast for this activity , I have made a presentation to share with you :) Enjoy !!!

Activity 3: Concluding the Journey [10 points]

Sadly, the Summer Learning Journey has now come to an end. It is time to reflect on everything that you have learned about the environment and, particularly, about how you can protect and preserve it.

On your blog please tell us:

What is one thing that you learned from participating in the Summer Learning Journey programme this year? 

What is one thing that surprised you?

What is one thing that concerned or upset you?

What is one thing that you (or your family) can do, moving forward, to help protect our natural environment?

My Presentation based on Concluding the Journey :(

Task Description : For this task I had the create Concluding the Journey which was answering the questions that were given !!! Hope you enjoyed my every last task for SLJ - 2018 - 2019 !!!

Overall Task Description : Wow I have completed Summer learning journey 2018 - 2019 !!! But I am Also sad that Summer learning journey is ending in 3 days !!! in the 3 days I will be posting and commenting !!! God Bless you and your Family and Friends and stay safe like always and Also don't forget to stay tuned for more blog Post's coming soon this is the last post for today  Bye for Now Everyone but there is post's are coming tomorrow !!!!


Note to SLJ -
Thank you Rachel and Summer learning journey for including me in SLJ - 2018 and 2019 I really enjoyed my time while doing this !!! I enjoyed every activty you guys have come up with !! Thanks SLJ !!

Kind Regards ,