Thursday, 29 November 2018

What the Non Campers did While the Y6 were gone to Kawau Island Camp !!!!

W.A.L.T - To write a recount about camp or if you didn't go camp then what happened and what did you do ?

It all started on the Tuesday 20th of November when all the campers that had gone to the Year 6 Kawau Island Camp .  We heard from Mrs Sio that we were gonna do Fun and Exciting Stuff that was gonna happen that Week at School . That we were the official Non Campers that Week But to be honest it was actually fun without the Campers that Week . Want to Find out more on what we had done that week we'll keep reading to find out …..

The Next day on Wednesday we had started the fun which we had started off with Just Dance every morning to get fitness into our body every morning . After that we had started our cave art by making dark coffee and then we crunched up our paper to give it a cool effect then we had carefully painted the hot dark brown coffee onto our crunched paper . After we had painted our paper we had put it on the table to dry , next we went to go to Maori &we did flax plating and then we went Kiwi Sport in
the afternoon .

Next on Thursday we did our animals on our coffee art paper using our drawing’s that we had did on our cardboard paper and we had to draw our cave art animal drawings and stick man’s for our cave art painting that we did  . Then we watched the news while eating our juices that Mrs Sio had brought us . After lunch we had carried on with our art and then we had packed up then Mrs Sio had some juices lefted so then we sat in a circle and played spin the bottle and who ever the bottle landed on that the person who would get it and then once that game was finished we would play for lollies and then once that finish we played heads down thumbs up and then we were in time with the bell to go home , once Mrs Had dismiss us we all went home .
On Friday it was the best day ever why you ask it was because the day started with an Normal Assembly then we came back and we did just dance but after that everyone went to do Cool Maths Games and then Me and Shania was the only one lefted and we did the just dance together and then our friends joined us and then after morning tea we made Slime and we used Elmer's clear Glue and Borax and paint and food coloring and I wanted to make my slime clear and once my slime was done it turned out great . Next we made Ice Cream and Pancakes , Then we had a shared with all kinds of food like drinks and pizza and chips while our shared lunch was happening we were watching a movie ( Boss Baby ) . After lunch we did Henna on our hand and it was super fun . That was
the last day of Last but we all had a great time !!!

I Enjoyed every bit of of the whole of that week I enjoyed having fun and spending time with a mixture of class and my friends . I learnt heaps from what I have done in that time of week , Also I would like to say a Big Thank you to the Best Teacher in PES which is Mrs Sio for Staying with us and taking care of us and spending time with us and most importantly for making all this fun happen it wouldn't be possible if you wouldn't be here , THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!

Videos :

Task Description : What we had to for this task is the first day back when the rest of the Campers had come back and the rest of the non campers had to write a recount about what the non campers did and what the Y6 campers did . We had a introduction , Body 1 , 2 , 3 and our Thank you's for those who made it happen and possible . So Basically this whole task was based on what we did . 


Thursday, 22 November 2018

Term 4 Cave Art Animation

Greetings to you all my name is Lillyana and this is my Cave Animation for Term  4 
Once a upon a time not long ago there was a jaguar just riding it’s own buskin but then a group of people started coming with spears and bow and arrows  the jaguar  had wondered why they had come to there lands . 

Seconds later the leader said Look there is 1 jaguar but little did he knew the jaguar had other jaguars too . So then the leader said I am gonna try to spear it  3,2,1 and there the spear flew and lucky it missed the jaguar because the jaguar had quick feet to move faster than the arrow coming towards him ……

The jaguar decided to get the rest of the jaguars to come and end this , so then the rest of them came and then the leader replied to the group to “ ATTACK “  so there went the spears up in the air flying towards some of the jaguars and it  was close but it missed the jaguars then the jaguar came then the bow and arrows got released and it missed also after that the jaguars  got all the people that came and ate them ………..

Thanks for Watching and hoped you enjoyed enjoyed my Animation 

Task Description : This is my Cave Art Animation for Term 4 for 2018 . This ANimaation was all based on Cave Art since our theme for this Term is Te Wa Toi is Based on art . Hope you enjoy my animation !!!!

Friday, 2 November 2018

Maths #2018 - Tricky Decimals Problems

Walt: use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems. 
Task Description : For this task we had to figure out the three tricky decimal problems that we given to us to work out on what we think the answer is and explain how we got the answer to that question . . This was tricky to figure out which is good because it helps us learn something from this work .

Sponge Throwing at Our Teachers Writing Test

W.A.L.T = To Write a successful piece of a Recount

Today was the big day our writing test . Having a great fun time with my friends doing something every fun also strange. Wanna know more about what happened and what we did well keep on reading to find out some juicy things that happened .

Walking in two lines to the bottom field , Mr Somerville told the whole of Room Seven sat in front of the three green buckets and to make sure the lines were evenly spit . Then Room Eight came and sat in front of the three blue buckets in three evenly split lines , next Room Six came and sat in front of the Yellow bucket into three evenly split lines . After we all were here our teachers ( Mrs Parrant , Mrs Sio and Mr Goodwin ) got all ready . Mr Goodwin was wearing a snorkel mask and a snorkel on the side ,  Bright yellow flippers with socks . Then Mrs Parrant was wearing goggles so did Mrs Sio but then Mrs Sio had Kids Blow up thingy that goes on your arm and she had a pool thing and it looked cool . After that Mr Somerville explained the instructions which was to get the sponge from the bucket of water and make it soaking wet and throw it at our teacher , the most important instruction was to get good hits on our teacher and have fun , so then Mr Jacobson said to call us Executioner’s.

The time had begin so our teacher’s went to sit on the three grey chairs and then Mr Jacobson said said Executioner’s , so then the first person in each line had to stand up and make the sponge soaking wet and then Mr Somerville said throw so then the first hit of the sponge got the three teachers kinda wet . Then the seconded person from each line went and there went to sponge to each teachers body and it got the teacher’s soaking wet . Thirded after fourth after fifth it was finally my turn so dipped the sponge in the water and made sure it was wet and I threw it and it hit Mr Goodwin’s Stomach . While we were watching Paschal threw the wet sponge at Mr Goodwin at his Private part and everyone was saying ( OHHHHHHHHHH ) or they were laughing . Then Mr Somerville said let’s just let Mr Goodwin have a Moment . After that moment the fun countuined then Loseti and Julius threw the sponge at Mr Goodwin’s Face and all the kids were laughing or saying “ OHHHH “ and then seconds later Mr Somerville said Stop and then we had prize giving so Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobson had to pick three people from each team and from our team it was Paschal , Chance and Loseti and the prize was meant to be a chocolate but instead they let each of one of them to get a bucket and throw it anywhere on the teacher . So then Chance went first in our team and she poured the bucket of water on Mr Goodwin’s Head and then Paschal threw the water and it missed and we laughed then Loseti threw the water and it got Mr Goodwin well , after 3 kids from each team threw the water the whole fun was over .

Walking back to class in two lines Room Seven then Room Eight then Room Six after . We reached class so we all sat in the porch and then we all went inside and grabbed our morning tea .

I reckon this had to be the best fun time I had with all my friends . I would do this again also I would recommend this to all kids to have so much fun . Thank you for reading my writing .


Videos to watch

Task Description : This was our Writing test that we wrote about and what happened . Our Teacher told us we had 10 minutes to make sure our writing makes sense and double check its right . We had deiced to put our Writing test on our blog because we though it was a cool and fun experience to share . 

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Maths #2018 - Decimal Problems 2

Walt: use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems. 

Task Description : First off we had to make a copy and file it . After that we got given three sliver Decimal Problem's and we had to figure it out in our maths book once we had done that we had to take a photo and put it on our presentation questions the write how we worked it out and write the answer . 

Maths #2018 - Decimal Place Value 2

 Walt: use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems.

Task Description : For this Task we had to make a copy and write our names at the front of the title then we had to file it in our drive in our math folder . Next we had figure out the numbers that were given to us next to the decimal house so we had to put the number's in the right order . Then we had to post it on our blog . 

My Term 4 Goals and Expectations

Walt: use correct sentences to help structure our writing.

Introduction :
NOOOOO!!!!!! The Holidays are over ( To be honest why so early??? ) anyways Term Four has started which means were back to learning!!! . After our immersion assembly the topic for overall  is Te Wa Toi ( Means Time for Art ) . Wanna know what my Term Four Goals and Expectations are well keep reading to find out what they are….. 

Body 1 = What's On :
This Term is my favourtive term out all terms why you ask because there is so much exciting events happening like The Manaiakalani Film Festival , Athletics , Prize Giving , Art and Testing ( But we have a lot during this term so it is going to be busy term ) . The Most excited events that I am excited about is Manaiakalani Film Festival & Art .. 

Body 2 = Goals :
My First goal for this term is to get my Reading & Writing & Maths to a higher level . Also my other goal is to give it all my best and be focus on my tests coming soon this term  .  I would like to accomplish my animation for this term .  Also I would like to try to get a certificate at prize giving . 

Body 3 = Learning : 
One of my big achievements is to finish off my work and to do more work and less taking . I really would like to do lots of art since art is one of my favourtive subject . Also I would like to try to do some art about different kinds of culture art , I hope we get to learn about famous arts and the details about that art . I would like to learn about sketching and Calligraphy and doing it too .

Conclusion :
Overall I reckon the Theme for this term which is Te Wa Toi is an fun theme .  There is a lot of fun things like Manaiakalani Film Festival , Athletics , Prize Giving , Art and Testing , I am really excited and looking forward for Prize Giving & Manaiakalani Film Festival and Athletics , I have Two goals i am going to focus on , and i want to learn about  sketching and Calligraphy and art from cultures too . Term Four is going to be an magnificent term I am looking forward to this term and to blog all about whats gonna happen this term .. 

Task Description : As we are back to school for term four our teacher Mr Goodwin deiced to do some writing all about our term four goals and exceptions so what we had to do was we had to do an introduction and then think what was going on in the term which was a lot of things that are coming up which I am excited about next we had to think about what we are going to do . ( By the way Late Post )

Maths 2018 - Decimal Problems Silver

 Walt: use add/ sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems. Task Description : For this task it was Decimals Maths Problems . There was only 2 tasks which was this sliver one and the other one was gold , so we had to do the sliver then the gold . For this task we had to figure out the decimal questions the three decimal questions we were given to work out . We had to write in our book the working out then write it in the presentation the write the answer . 

Sunday, 14 October 2018

#13 Holiday Blogpost - Last day of Term 3 Holidays !!!

As it was the Last day of the Term 3 Holidays This is going to be my last post of the term 3 holidays . I am kinda sad because the holidays are over . Anyways I will see you 2moro at school . BYEEEE

#12 Holiday Blog post - Pacific Cup Netball Tournament ( TONGA )

At The pacific cup Netball Tournament the U11 Tongan Team 4 came first out of all the Teams we had went against which meant we came first and we were undefeated in our sector / Grade . It was a Great day yesterday and I had enjoyed my day so much also we got a gold medal for coming first . Thank you to all our supports & parents who took there time off there day just to come and watch us and support us though out our day . Well Done U11 Tongan Team 4 for coming first in our Sector / Grade .

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

#11 Holiday Blog-Post = What I did Today

Task Description : Today I deiced to write in a presentation about what I did today . This is just what happened today which was fun . sorry for the short task description to go with this task . Enjoy the rest of your Holidays remember to keep tuned for more blog post's coming and to stay safe and god bless you and your family and friends . BYEEEEEEEEEEEE

Sunday, 7 October 2018

#10 Holiday Blog-Post = Hakula Tongan Finals / What we did today

Today was a LONG DAY why well here it goes……….

In the morning the whole family had to wake up early because we had to go and support our brother ( Lomio ) and the Rest of the Hakula Tongan team’s . So first we obviously had to get ready and do other things . But anyways 20 - 30 minutes later we are all ready to go in the early mornings . Once we got all out of the house we decided to go to the countdown in Mt Wellington to grab a couple things . 

After that we traveled / drove to the Otahuhu Fields and we came so early that we were the 1st or 2nd people to be there so early . Waiting and Awaiting people started to come and park up . Then the whole family got everything out of the car like the food & Chairs & Mat . Carrying everything down we founded a nice spot so then we settled our things up . 

Setting our things up and waiting the first game was playing well really it was 2 games 1 game on field 1 and the other on field 2 . Well first game went by . Games after Games like about 4 or 5  it was finally 1.30pm that was the time that the U14’s Tongan Team was against Scallions ( Finals )  .After that the Tongan team did there Haka / National anthem then the Scallions did there’s I gotta say both teams were strong .  First half was amazing because Tonga got 4 Trys already . Then 2nd half came by then the other team got a try then tonga got a try . Then the game had ended then both teams shakes hands . Tonga won the Pasifika Cup for 2018 . 

After Tonga won the Pasifika Cup for 2018 they had a prize giving with the scallions and Tonga came first and scallions came second . Then Tonga Got medals ( Gold Medals ) then got presented the Pasifika Cup Trophy to them . After that they took photos then the scallions did there last haka after that the Tongan team did there haka too . Then Tonga had a shared lunch . Then people’s went home after that . 

After that Me , My Brother , Sister , Mum and dad , Aunty & Uncle we to eat at Roses Eight . Then we went to get Ice Cream . Then we went to The Warehouse . After  that we got some pretty cool things . Then we came back home to rest up .

Task Description : For this I just deiced to do it because I was bored anyways this whole task was based on writing on what you did today . God Bless you all and hopefully you enjoyed my writing stay safe also stay tuned for more blog-post's coming ........

Saturday, 6 October 2018

#9 Holiday Blog-post - Halloween Poem's / Other

Halloween letter's of what they stand for in our choices for fun.
H -alloween the day
A - fraid of scary things
L - ollies what kids like
L - antern that flies in the sky
O - wl that’s awake at night
W - itch that is evil
E - yes that people have

E - lf from christmas time

N - ight like the nighttime
H - aunted houses are are scary,

A - nd fun,

L - ots of fun, for everyone
L- oads of candy is in my belly
O - f chocolate and sweet of plenty
W - itches come out to play and
E - erie ghosts say boo!
E - xciting costumes worn
N - ow it’s time to trick or treat, woo
Our Halloween Poems

I’m a little pumpkin, Round and stout,

Packed with full of seeds that you can scoop out!
When I get all carved up,
You did ever see.
Then I will be the cutest Jack-o-lantern,
I am all candy
Kids eat me on Halloween night
Sweet and Sour with all kinds of candy
I am ready to eat and to be gobbled up
Candy is the best thing kids can ever want to be eaten

Task Description : Tonight me and my friend Jazzelle deiced to make a doc and write a halloween poem and write some things what each letter of halloween can stand for in our choices for fun.God bless you and your family and friends always remember to stay safe and make sure to stay tuned for more blog post's coming soon......

#8 Holiday Blog-Post -Tongan Pacific Teams Having A Mini Tournament.


Today was the day that the whole of the Tongan Pacific Teams was having a mini tournament.

Okay the start to the morning , well my whole family had to wake up so early like at 5:30am or 6:00 am I don’t Know but yeah . We were going all around the house trying to get ready . So what I did was have breakfast , brush my teeth wash my face and then got into my clothes then did my hair last thing was to pack my lunch and other stuff . 

After we lefted home we dropped of my Dad and brother to go to my brothers Hakula Tonga Games against the other nations in Otahuhu . Then we lefted and then our mum drove me and my sister to Waitakere netball courts to get ready for the Mini Tournament . After 30 - 55 minutes were family arrived there at the crouts . 

After getting to the courts me and Jahzara went to the manger to get our t - shirt’s it was the colour yellow because our team was ( Mohokoi ) a tongan flower . Once we got dressed we waited for the rest of the teams to come . 15 minutes later then whole team came then our Coach and manager gave us 2 long ribbons for our braided hair ( Yellow & Green Ribbons ) once our ribbons was in our hair we did warm up . 

After once our warm up was done .  The whole of the Pacific Tonga Teams all came to the courts to practice the march for our team it was the shortest to the tallest in the team line I was the tallest in my team . The march went the U11’s to the older kids. After we did the march we sang the Tongan national anthem 4 times to get it right and to sing it loud and proud.

After the march and Singing we went to do our warm up getting ready for the first game . Frist Games starts and we are against U11’s Team 3 ( By the way our team was U11’s Team 4 ) Anyways our first half we by and I gotta say it was awesome then the seconds half went by and it was pretty good . After our game we went to our shade and we ate a bit . After that we went to our second game which was against U11’s team 2 . So this team was hard but we had faith that we can do it . So first half went pass and it was very very good for a started of the game . Then second half went by and I gotta say it was alright but good . 

Next we went back to the Shade and we had a shared lunch . Then all the girls ate + our Support’s & Parents . After eating we rested then we went to our last  game which was U11’s team 1 . It was harder but then the first half flew by then the second half flew by and I think we tried and did our best . 

Then our Coach & Manager gave the team a speech then we went to go back to the shade to get our dresses to wear for Next week’s game . Then we went all home to get some rest after a long day …….

Task Description : Really for this Task I had deiced to write about what I had did today . Today was a BLAST because I had enjoyed my time at Netball also I had Fun . God Bless you and your Family and friends and always stay safe and stay tuned for more blog post's coming soon!! ........................


Thursday, 4 October 2018

#7 Holiday Blog-Post - Quiz Time With Lillyana & Leilani

Task Description : Tonight Me and my friend Leilani did a Presentation all about Quiz Time With Lillyana & Leilani . At First Both of us didn't know what to do in the Presentation so we had both deiced to do a Quiz all about any kind of food . We really hope you enjoy . GOD BLESS U ALL AND YOUR FAMILY AND STAY SAFE AND ENJOY THE REST OF YOUR HOLIDAY'S EVERYONE STAY TUNED FOR MORE BLOG POST'S ...

1 Outstanding girls blog and cheek it out if please  leave a positive and show her some support and love also comment if u like it ....

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

#6 Holiday-Blog-post = World Quiz

Link to Attend the Quiz / Play / Answer = Click me to Lead you to the World Quiz

Task Description : So today me and my friend rosie deiced to make a form all about the World Quiz . So in this World quiz you have to answer the questions on where its made or founded by in what year . Enjoy have have fun !!!  God Bless you and your family and friends Enjoy your Holidays and Make sure to stay tuned for more blog post's More Soon ..... BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

#5 Holiday-Blog-post = The Young Vikings ( Book Started )

Task Description : As my other book had finished ( The Brilliant World Of Tom Gates ) I had deiced to read another book which leads me to this book - The Young Vikings - Written by James Moloney . Just to the Start of this book it sounds like this book is on a mission or adventure but i don't know yet as it is the only start to the book . I really can't wait to see what happen's in the story of the book . 
Enjoy the rest of your Holidays remember to keep tuned for more blog post's coming and to stay safe and god bless you and your family and friends . BYEEEEEEEEEEEE

#4 Holiday-Blogpost = The Brilliant World Of Tom Gates ( Book Finished )

Task Description : Just 2 or 1 day ago I had just recently finished the Book - The Brilliant world of Tom Gates . I really enjoyed it because it had different kinds of text in different sizes and it was so cool to see all the pictures of d in the book . I am pretty sure i am gonna read another book of Tom Gates because out off this rating i would give it an %100 of out 100% why because from my reading's L.Pichon is a good writer . I %100 recommended for you to read this because it has pictures and cool texts of writing and so much more to this book . Don't forget to stay tuned for more blog posts coming and have an amazing holiday and enjoy it too god bless you and your family and friends too Byeee .

Monday, 1 October 2018

#3 Holiday Blog-Post - Can You Find The ???? Game

Task Description : I deiced to make a presentation because I was bored and in this Presentation you have to find the Letter or Number in this Game . There are Rules to go with this game . I think I might do a Part 2 to this Game . Enjoy and have fun in this game !!! Also make sure to Comment to how much you got Corrected and Wrong .... Enjoy the rest of your  Omozing School Holidays and God Bless you and your Family and Friends Stay Safe Also stay tuned for more Post's coming soon !!!!

Saturday, 29 September 2018

#2 Holiday Blog-Post - The Brilliant World Of Tom Gates Book !!!

Task Description : As it was the last day of school just recently on Friday the 28th of September for Pt England School my Teacher ( Mr Goodwin ) gave me the opportunity to pick a book to read though out the holidays and I had chosen The Brilliant World Of Tom Gates Book . I had just read the first 40 pages at home and I gotta say it was an amazing start to the book . I really can't wait to read more and see what happen's next . I would recommend you to read this book because it is great .

Fun Fact - This Book was the Winner of Roald Dahl Funny Prize in 2011
Want to read a bit online well click the link to find out more - Click Me !!!  
(Once you get there srcoll down to read.... )

Have an Great School Holidays and God Bless you and your Family and Friends Stay Safe Also stay tuned for more Post's coming soon !!!!

#1 Holiday Blog-post - #11 Summer Hacks !!!

Task Description : Today Me and Sonnia was thinking if we should do a Presentation together so we did and it was called #11 Summer Hacks why you ask because it is nearly summer that's why . This was so fun to do with my friend and Hope you enjoyed it and God Bless you and your family and friends Enjoy your Holidays and Make sure to stay tuned for more blog post's More Soon ..... BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Monday, 24 September 2018

Room 7 Student's Typing Per Minute Speeds .

W.A.L.T = Analyse data and display data using a graph

Task Description : Today In room 7 Maths Class we had learnt how to Analyse data and display data using a graph . What we had to do first was to do a Words per Minute in a new doc and what you had to do was write as many words you can on a doc until one minute is done . Then we had to say how many we got and I had got 21 Words in one minute . Then our Teacher Mr Goodwin had put all our number that everyone got in our class on a spreadsheet . Then we had to Analyse the data . But most people in the class got 11 words to 30 words in one minute . 

Monday, 17 September 2018

Maths #2018 - Gold Takeaway shop Dollars

Walt: use subtraction strategies to solve tricky problems.

Task Description : The Very Frist thing for the Whole of Room 7 had to do was of course make a copy of this Maths Gold Takeaway shop Dollars Presentation that was given to us by our teacher Mr Goodwin . Next we had to explain how we got the answer to the first , second , third question . This Presentation was hard / Easy but a good Maths Presentation !!!

Maths #2018 - Bronze Takeaway Quiz Questions !!

Walt: use subtraction strategies to solve tricky problems.

 My 5 Go's I had on the Subtraction Quiz !!!

Task Description : For this task we had to go on this Subtraction Quiz site . We had to answer the subtraction questions that we were given on the sheet . Once we were done there was a button saying " Grade my Quiz then it will check our answers with a check all the way until our sheet is marked and it will say how much percentage you have scored on your subtraction Quiz .
Wanna Have a Go  Click the link to take you to the Subtraction Quiz - Click Me !!!

Maths #2018 - Sliver Takeaway Shop!!

Walt: use subtraction strategies to solve tricky problems.

Task Description : For this task we had to Make a Copy of this presentation and file it in our drive's in our Maths Folder . Next we had to answer the 3 Question that were given to us on the presentation for us to answer it and show our working on how we had got the answer . The Question's that were given was good hard Question's . This Presentation for Maths was a Good one why because it was hard but that's good because we got to try it out and learn from it . 

Friday, 31 August 2018

Gold Personal Trainer - Maths 2018

Walt: solve problems using Ratios

Task Description : For this Task we had to answer 3 question's and do our working to go with the question and how did we get the answer . 2 of them I knew but the last one was hard but I still did it which was a good thing to me because I wanted to finish off my work and i had did it  . 

Who Gets Invited - Maths 2018

Walt: solve problems using Ratios

Task Description : For this task this whole task what's all based on timetables . So if it was only 5's have a party and only 3 can come all the 3's of the 3's timetable would come like ( 3 , 6 , 9 , 12 , 15 , 18 , 21 , 24 , 27 , 30 , 33 , 36 ) and so on . Then the other number's that are not in the 3 times table won't get invited because only 3's in the timetable's can only be invited . 

Review Task - The Big Game

Walt: look for the hidden or deeper meaning in the text.

Task Description : For this task we had to read the reading that we were given to read. Next we had to make a copy for the presentation which was called ( Review Task ) . After we did that we had to record our self's reading our book on srceencastify . Next we had to review the book and rate the book  from 1 to 5 so 1 was Worst and 5 was Awesome or Amazing . 

Friday, 17 August 2018

Lighting Strikes

Task Description :Today me and my friend Sonnia had deiced to do a presentation all about Lighting Strikes and what was happening about it . This was part of our free time well not really but chocies to pick so this is what we wanted to write about .  This was a Fun presentation to do . GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS  STAY SAFE . 
Go Check Out Sonnia's  Amazing Blog and Show Her Some Love and Support !!! Just Click the Link to lead you to Her Blog....

Go and Check out Sonnia's 's Awesome's  Blog - Sonnia 's  Awesome Blog !!!


Thursday, 16 August 2018

Rubbish Clean Up Experience Recount - Writing 2018

Walt: structure a recount

These days in the world rubbish is not going so well . Anyways today in literacy class I thought it was going to be a normal day , but there was something mysterious going on. “ ummmm what’s happening “??? Have you ever heard something mysterious going on ??? Well keep tuned to find out ...

In class our teacher ( Mr Goodwin ) told the whole class of room seven literary that there was something boring to do and it was a BORING RECOUNT . Anyways Mr Goodwin told us the rules of walking and being Out Of School Then we got our shoes or just go in bare feet . Next step was to go line up in two lines then walk shoulder to shoulder to the person next to you , walking in a class towards the breeze, but unfortunately we had to stop Because Mr Goodwin said I will be back quick ( well something around about that ) then he came back with long big black plastic bags . I was wondering what we were gonna do . So we walked in two lines to the brezze then I told my friend Leilani “ Oi I think we are going to hop in the bag and jump to the other end but on the other end I was thinking that we were picking up rubbish , Finally we had reached the bottom field of our school and Mr Goodwin said “ It looks like there is not that much rubbish but he said neverminded lets do it on the Pt England Reserve”, I was Happy cause we got to go out of school to go on the Pt England Reserve “ Slowly Walking like 5cm forward we had to stop because we had to get in groups of 5 or 6 and my group was Chance , Leilani and myself but so sadly we got split up because there was only 3 of us , so my new group was Inga , Jedida , Amria , Roshaan and Myself.

Moving on our teacher ( Mr Goodwin ) explained where the boundaries where and, if we go out our whole team would get disqualification . The first zone was to the fence and to the far goldpost and when Mr Goodwin said “ Go !!!! “ My Whole Team ran and I saw lots of rubbish sitting in a pile of hay . A couple of seconds later our teacher blowed the whistle . Then we moved on to our next location which was the gold post and the walkway , but just in front of it , anyways seconds later our teacher blowed the whistle again . Next we went to the last location which was the next part was the bottom filed back in our school grounds , my team rubbish and most people went to the tree’s behind the bike track and more , Mr Goodwin below the whistle again . Our teacher was even kind enough to give us a another chance, so he told us “ the final place was our top field's so my team ran as fast as we can to pick up rubbish , Me and Marika saw the packet of shapes and we raced to it and I Picked it up and Marika said No I got it but it was already in my hand, next our teacher below the final whistle again .

The challenge was all over but we had to sit in our team lines with the plastic bags in front of the line . But there was a judge and the judge was Mrs Haare . So Mrs Haare cheeked the first group ( I gotta say they picked up a lot of rubbish ) . Next Mr Haare checked the next group ( It was Clean Pick up ) . Next Mrs Haare Checked the next team’s Bag ( I Thought it was Good ) . My group was the Next Group so Mrs Haare Checked though it , ( I was thinking our team rubbish bag was pretty clean but until Mr Haare Pulled up a Piece of Bark and I said Who put that it there ??? ) After that is was the lucky last team so Mrs Haare checked what was inside of there bag and she pulled out a jandal and everyone laughed because why would u put a jandel . Anyways Mrs Haare announced the Winners and it was Sonnia’s group . I felt happy that they won because they did well .

When the experience had finished I was proud of myself because I made a big difference compared to last time where there were lots of rubbish, look at it now it’s clean the Reverse to Pt England School Fields , even though my team didn't win it was a amazing experience also it was for a good cause because we had helped our community . I definitely recommend this for to others to do also to help there community by doing something little like picking up rubbish .

Task Description : Today room seven literacy had to do a recount on our rubbish clean up experience . What I mean by that is where our teacher Mr Goodwin took us out for a walk and did a competition against each other to see who would pick up the most rubbish in 5 location 's . Once those 5 location 's were done the Special Judge will  announced who won .