Friday, 26 February 2016


Roller coasters are truly my worst nightmare, I couldn’t believe I was here. This could all end in a disaster. I waited for ages for this moment to arrive, but now it was here, I wanted to wish it away again.

Listening to the screaming from the people in the front of me turned my stomach. "There was butterflies in my tummy” I said quietly. Whoosh, the cars sped past me filled with screaming people.

Roaring and soaring through the sky we tumbled and twisted. Whose dumb idea was this? The noise of the track deafened my screams.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Lost in the Forest

On a Sunny bright day there was a 15 year old girl her name was Rosa she had lots of chores at home. So she did all her chores on the list to keep the house always tidy and clean.

Then she asked her mum and dad to take Purple Star, which is Rosa’s little 5 year old puppy for a walk in the forest. As Rosa left with Purple Star  her mum and dad said “Take care of Purple Star.”
So they started walking through the forest. A few moments later they were lost in the forest so when it was sunset Rosa knew that she had to come back home at 8.00 or 7.00 o clock.

Rosa’s Mum and Dad were getting so worried so they went outside and locked up the house before they went to look for her. Also they noticed that Rosa had left some footprints so then her mum and dad followed Rosa’s and Purple’s star footprints. Then Rosa and Purple started to get scared then they stopped because they heard someone coming to them. So they looked and it was her mum and dad  who had found them. Mum said “let’s go back home and have a lovely dinner together” and they lived happily ever after.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Waitangi day

On the 6th of February it was Waitangi day.  Crowds gather under the proud flagpole as the kapa haka performance begins to celebrate our nation. Islands dot the harbour creating a majestic view.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

All About Me

Jul 1, 2016 12:10:33 PM.jpg
Fakaalofa lahi atu and Malo e Lelie my name is Lillyana I am 9 years old and I am a year 4 in pt england school and my teachers are Miss King ,Mrs Davis and Mr Moran.Also I have 1 sister 1 brother and 1 mum and dad and my favourite sport to do is Netball and me and my brother and sister go to Pt England School and what we do is we Learn Create and share . Also I am Niuean and Tongan and my favourite subjects is Maths and Reading and I just want to make friends and learn new things also i just want to have a wonderful and awesome year in my new class.