Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Black Assassin Spider

Walt: make connections across multiple texts

About my Spider the Black Assassin Spider .
My Spider is called the  Black Assassin Spider which mean that in the day it sleep’s and in the night it hunt’s for food for itself. Plus it is hard to see in the night cause it is mainly black and camouflage and also it is bad .

Task description : Today Room 7 and Mr Goodwin had to do a spider that you have created in your mind and your own words.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Maths 2017

Walt: Solve multiplication problems by using our current knowledge of times tables -Walt: Understand equal sharing so we can solve division problems

Task Description : Today Room 6 Maths did maths and this maths was fun to do in class and hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Who Like Wetas

Task Description:  Today i have done who likes Wetas and perrty much i kinda at the same sometimes so yay


W.A.L.T = We are learning to use interesting vocabulary words in our writing

Task description : Today Room 7 and Mrs Stickland  did a bug description  today and it was fun to do and make and research about.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Bug's (Hugbug)

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.
This is my Bug called HugBug . My HugBug is sometimes friendly if it is in a good moon. The HugBug lives in people’s houses to eat the bug’s that are in there house’s . The HugBug it's different kind’s of bug he finds anywhere. This is the Features: 3 legs on each sides ,  1 stinger , 2 eyes ,  sharp back with triangles.

Task Description : Our task today is to create our own bug and tell what is does, lives and behave i had fun doing this in class.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Camp 2017 Year 5 & 6


The whole of the year 5 and 6 students went to Camp.This Camp was held at Pt England School at the field .Plus it was raining on that time of day. This Camp is the 27th annual Camp at Pt England School that has happened. Plus this is my First time going camp because i am a year 5.

What is Camp? If you are wondering, well let me tell you. Camp is where you get to do fun activities throughout the day. The activities are KILLERZONE, swimming, Get Lost , kayaking, free time in the hall , Dance practice , Dance Concert , watching movies in the night, sleeping with 2 to 4 people in a tent. My camp group was the best team, better than the rest, the Sheriff's!

My favourite thing about camp was KILLERZONE and the Dance concert and get lost the best because  the Dance concert was cool cause we all got to see all our performers on the stage at night time. Also The   KILLERZONE  was awesome because it was a race and it was the  Sheriff's vs the chiefs . Get Lost means that it kinds like a Amazing race and actives that you do with your small group of team and we the Sheriff's vs the Captains.

I would like to say a Big thank you to Naomi and Kurtas for leading the Sheriff's to 2nd place out of all teams on the NIght when we had the Dance Concert.Plus huge thank to Mr Burt and Mr Jacobsen and many other people who set this up for us. Also Special Thanks to the people who made our Dinner,Morning tea, Breakfast , Afternoon Tea and Dessert.

What i learned about myself was pretty much enjoying my first time at camp really .  Also i really learned a lot about camp this time of year that i went camp and i have experience`1` camp for my first time.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Camp poem!!!!!

W.A.L.T = To write a Cinqauin Poem!!!!

Task Description : Today we have did a  Cinqauin Poem with Mrs Stickland in room 7 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

What is going to happen at camp

W.A.L.T : What’s going to happen at Camp.

Point England School is having their 27th annual camp at school. I am so excited because it is my first time going camp in my life.

Hoping for:
I am really hoping for is to get sleep with my friends and have fun together.
Also i am hoping for it it sunshine the whole. day to . Also i am so happy to see what we do and find out what actives we do for funnnest.

Looking forward too:
I am looking forward to play with my friends and team up with them. Also i am looking forward  to see i am going to sleep with too.

Nervous about:
I am nervous about dancing on stage because it is my first time going to camp. Also i am so  nervous about is if i know the dance fully before the night when i dance on stage.

Task Description : My Class Teacher Mr Goodwin said what do you think that is going to happen or what are you going to hope for when it’s time to go camp.  

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Writing 2017

Walt: write persuasively

Have you ever think that Tamaki needs to be a little bit better with birds don’t you think that? I think we should have more native birds around Tamaki because it adds more colour towards the tree’s and the place. Native birds are really important to Tamaki and not no native birds are not.

Image result for animal kiwi

I think that Tamaki should have kiwi to represented  New Zealand.  Kiwi’s are really important to New Zealand and Tamaki cause kiwi’s are the best. We should have more Kiwi’s than non Native Birds in Tamaki for sure.

Image result for sacred kingfisher

Tamaki Needs more Sacred Kingfisher in Tamaki. Sacred Kingfisher is the very best known bird in New Zealand. So Sacred Kingfisher should have be in Tamaki more than other birds in Tamaki.

Image result for seagull

I think that we should have less of Seagull’s around Tamaki . Plus when you try to eat they come near the food that you are eating with your family they make noises and the fly on top of your head while you are trying to eat.

I think that Tamaki should be looked after and not to leave rubbish around Tamaki cause no one like’s to see rubbish around Tamaki and it pretty luck to see it. Pretty much i go to the bush walk with my family and just to be honest there is heaps of rubbish there. Sacred Kingfisher and kiwi ‘s  should always be around Tamaki and make sure to look after them.

Task description: our task in the class was to write  persuasively and why Tamaki should have less non nativebird sand more of the native  birds.