Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Bush Walk

No one knew the secret of the bush’s.They had to really find out what was the secret of the bush. So 6 people volunteer to come and find the secret somewhere in the bush’s.Then of the 6 people went as a group luckily they packed their stuff in there own bags for the adventure.But until they knew they all cheeked their phones ad it was 9.00am in the morning.So they keep on walking and walking throught the bush’s.But then they found this big bush and it was a different colour from the other bush’s and it was a light green colour so the people throught that it was the secret of the bush’s so then they spilt the 6 people up to 3 to push the bush .So they push it and it moved first time so they looked and it was a place with crystal and candy in it so they took a step inside the crystal and candy world they all said “can we eat some candy” and said “can we take some with back with us please  and they said yeah why not lets do it”.So thrie bagpack was full with candys and crystals in it.Then they traveled there way back to there camping place and they said to the others look what we have got when we went on a special adventure.Then the people took the 2 cars back to there real home and shared there candys and crystals with there family and they told what kind of adventure was to there whole family and lived happily ever after THE END.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Athletics day

Last Friday the whole of Pt England School did Athletics.  The first thing that we had to do is get change into our house colours then we had to get our hands marked into our house colours. Once we all got dressed we had to line up and walk to the hardcourts it was cold. Everyone was ready to do Athletes so Mrs Vaafusuaga sented us off to do Athletes.Miss Davis was in charge of the year 4 girls Room 11 and 12 girls.

The team that I was in was Hokule’a the mean as team out of all the teams. Hokule'a the mean as team did the a cool as chart for the school. Then the other teams did their chart it was amazing it was a sunny and hot day in the sun .

Then the hole of Pt England School started to Athletes the first event was tug of war it was hard we had a big but thin rope to pull on. The first team that we vs was blue which was Hine Moana it was so hard for us to pull and get the silver thing past the cone.But instead the winner was the mean as team Hokule’a for the first round of tug or war.

My favourite part of Athletes was at the end because the parents,teachers and the fast people in the house’s  Hokule’a , Hine Moana , Te Aurere and Hikianalia.It was funny to wacth the teachers and parents and played agasin each other in relays. It was a fun day for me and friends and brother and sister thank you so much Mrs Vaafusuaga.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Dancing Raisins

here is my my Dancing Raisins animation i really hope you enjoy :)

Sunday, 20 November 2016


Today me and my Sister made a fun D.I.Y we used blueberry,Strawberry,Chocolate
Cake,Grapes and Whip cream it was so much fun to make.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Manaiakalni Film Festival

Last Wednesday on the 9th of November the whole of Pt England School went to Manaiakalani Film Festival at Sylvia Park. We went in 2 line’s the first thing that we had to do is mark if everyone is here before we leave. Our Teacher said “ line up one girls line and a boy’s” line. We were all so excited to go on the bus. We were travelling to Sylvia Park then we all got off in a line.  We all were at Sylvia Park so we all got off the bus then we entered Sylvia Park then we took the escalator up to Manaiakalani Film Festival at the cinemas. Sonnia and I finally found a seat just right next to the light  hanging on the wall.Then the Manaiakalani Film Festival started the 2 first presenters was amazing standing in front of the whole of Pt England School.My favourtive movie was Room 12’s movie because it insprie me because of the Olympics and did a different version  compared to Katy Perry vesion it had all kind of sports and that’s why I like Room’s 12 movie it was amazing and wonderful acting too.On our way to back to school girls were singing songs all together once we got back to school we all went back to our class’s to have something to eat for Morning tea and ot to play with our friends.My favoutive part was when we got to watch all the Manaiakalani Film Festival. Nov 17, 2016 12:48:29 PM.jpg