Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Day 3 - ( Week One: In the Beginning (1800-1870) ) - ! Summer Learning Journey !

Week One: In the Beginning (1800-1870)
Day 3: It’s All in the Family
Activity 1: The More, the Merrier?

victorian family.jpg
In the 1800s, most families were pretty big. In fact, many parents had an average of seven to nine children.  Imagine that you were a child in the 1800s and you had nine siblings.

On your blog, please tell us how you would feel. Would you enjoy being a member of such a large family? Why or why not?

To Be Honest I wouldn't Mind having a Large Family because we don't have to do heaps of chores nah i am just kidding having a large family is ok but the only thing is the space around the house is gonna be crowned and its gonna be crazy and its gonna make loud noise's . 

Activity 2: Acknowledging Ancestry
All of us are members of a family. Some of us have large families and some of us have very small families. When I have the opportunity to talk about my family and my ancestry I sometimes choose to use a pepeha. It is a very special way of identifying who I am and where I come from. There are many different versions of pepeha but most provide people with information about who you are and where you come from (i.e. your whakapapa). Use the template provided below to prepare your own unique pepeha. If you need help please watch this short movie clip on preparing a pepeha.


Ko Manuga te maunga   
Ko Tamaki te awa   
Ko Polynesian tōku iwi      
Ko Polynesian tōku hapu
Ko Aotearoa ahau
Ko Taiana toku Mama
Ko Bruce toku Papa
Ko Lomio toku Teina
Ko Aneelis toku Tuahine
Ko Lillyana tōku ingoa.
No re na tena koto tena koto tena koto ka toia


*affiliate means to associate with, or be close to.

When you have completed your pepeha, post it on your blog. You could even post a video of you reading out your pepeha.

Bonus Activity: Fun Family Facts

Everyone’s family is unique. What makes your family special? Choose three people close to you and ask them what their two favourite things to do in summer are.

On your blog, write two fun facts about each person. For example, my Nana plays the bagpipes!

My Family Fun Facts !

Mum ( Taiana ) : She Like's to do the Washing and do BQQ'S!

Dad ( Bruce ) : He Like's stay Chill and Chill !

Sister ( Aneelis ) : She Like's to do Swimming and Athletics!

Brother ( Lomio ) : He Like's to do Swimming and Touch Football!



  1. Hi again Lillyana, I've enjoyed reading your family fun facts. Sounds like you have a really sporty family. That's great, it sounds like mine.

    It was funny how you said your dad likes to stay chill and also chill. I can definitely relate to that!

    It's lucky for you that your mum likes to do the washing. I'm not sure my mum feels the same way when I give her my dirty washing to do! She usually tells me to do it myself.

    Great blogging as always, keep it up!


    1. Hi BillySLJ ,

      Yes My dad like to stay Chill in the Summer because its hot and yes my mum like's to do the washing in the summer .

      Thank you BillySLJ for commenting on my blog and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND STAY SAFE IN THE HOLIDAYS HAVE A BLESSED DAY BillySLJ :)

      Kind Regards ,


  2. Hi again Lillyana, I liked your honest opinion about whether or not you would like to have nine brothers and sisters. I know what you mean, it would be very crowded and rather hectic. I think it would be fun sometimes because you would always have enough players to play games, sports and activities.

    Do you have any siblings? How many?

    You must be a good netball shooter if you play GA or GS!


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hey Billy ,

      Yes I do have Siblings I have 2 I have 1 Brother and 1 Sister . Sometimes it can be fun playing all together and yes when we all want to play a game we would have enough players and play the game .

      Yes I play GA or GS for Netball at Pt England School and I have played netball for 6 years ever since I had started Pt England when I was 5 Year's Old ! .

      Thank you Billy for commenting on my blog and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND STAY SAFE IN THE HOLIDAYS HAVE A BLESSED DAY Billy :)

      Kind Regards ,


    3. Good morning Lillyana, thanks for the cool reply!

      You sounds talented at netball. I am not so good at shooting, I mostly play defense. Indoor netball is cool because you can shoot two pointers - have you ever played it?

      Do you play any other sports?


    4. Hey Billy ,

      I play outdoor Netball and yes I do play other Sports Athletics & Tag .

      Thank you Billy for commenting on my blog and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND STAY SAFE IN THE HOLIDAYS HAVE A BLESSED DAY Billy :)

      Kind Regards ,


  3. Aloha Lillyana
    My name is Sarah and I go to Glen Innes School
    Amazing work on this task Lillyana you did a fantastic job on completing this activity. Did you find this difficult?

    1. Thank you so much Lillyana God bless you as well

    2. Hello Sarah ,

      Thank you for commenting on my blog and saying nice things about this blogpost I have done . Yes I found this task kinda Difficult because I had to think and think hard .

      Thank you Sarah for commenting on my blog and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND STAY SAFE IN THE HOLIDAYS HAVE A BLESSED DAY :)

      Kind Regards ,


  4. Hi Lilyana,

    Ruby here from the Summer Learning Journey!

    Great work with your pepeha! It looks as though you may have already known your pepeha?
    I think that knowing your pepeha is important because it allows us to acknowledge our family and ancestors. It also helps us know ourselves a bit better. What do you think?

    I look forward to reading more of your blog over summer.

    1. Hey Ruby SLJ ,

      Yes I already know my Pepeha . Also yes its is important to know your pepeha to acknowledge our family and ancestors . Also it Helps us Learn and Know our Self's .

      Thank you for the such amazing comment Ruby .

      HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 TO YOU !

      Kind Regards ,


      Lillyana .