Friday, 16 September 2016


Super Hero!!!!!!

Once a upon a time there was a Teenager girl who was a 16 years old and she was awesome super hero.She would always with her friends would save the world.. One day in Los Angeles there was Danger!!!! Bad people were Stealing money from the bank . Once the superhero team knew that money was steal by bad guys cause a boy came running fast to tell them. So the superhero team flyed fast past the people down below.The superhero captain said ‘‘STOP RIGHT THERE’’she said loudly to the bad guys. The superhero Captain told the team we all got the job done.But suddenly there was another problem happening right this second so the team went.Quickly the superhero team got to the destination where the problem was happening.The problem was that people was kidnapping shop keeper’s.Then the superhero team surrounded the shop to capture the kidnapper .Once the kiddnaper had finish kiddnaping the shopkeeper the superhero team said ’’WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING MR?’’so he stop and said he did nothing but is was suspicious so the superhero captain asked the kiddnaper ’’What’s in your bag’’the captain asked so the kiddnaper said nah nothing much but just my food.But until the superhero team knew he was LYING! So instead they open the bag and they saw the shopkeeper!.so the superhero took the bad guys and the kiddnaper to jail once again the superhero team save the day from danger.THE END

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