Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Bush Walk

No one knew the secret of the bush’s.They had to really find out what was the secret of the bush. So 6 people volunteer to come and find the secret somewhere in the bush’s.Then of the 6 people went as a group luckily they packed their stuff in there own bags for the adventure.But until they knew they all cheeked their phones ad it was 9.00am in the morning.So they keep on walking and walking throught the bush’s.But then they found this big bush and it was a different colour from the other bush’s and it was a light green colour so the people throught that it was the secret of the bush’s so then they spilt the 6 people up to 3 to push the bush .So they push it and it moved first time so they looked and it was a place with crystal and candy in it so they took a step inside the crystal and candy world they all said “can we eat some candy” and said “can we take some with back with us please  and they said yeah why not lets do it”.So thrie bagpack was full with candys and crystals in it.Then they traveled there way back to there camping place and they said to the others look what we have got when we went on a special adventure.Then the people took the 2 cars back to there real home and shared there candys and crystals with there family and they told what kind of adventure was to there whole family and lived happily ever after THE END.

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