Friday, 6 November 2015


The Candy-O-Saurus is a bright rainbow, delightful dinosaur. She has lightning wings to protect her back in case someone comes to fight her.

The bright rainbow dinosaur finds it very hard to hear the other strange dinosaurs come near her. So she just lives in candy land. Also Candy-O-Saurus was born with her two sisters too.

She has claws to dig for gold coins or treasure and other things that she can find and Candy-O-saurs nickname is yummy cotton candy .

The only predator she hates is raptorosaurs  because raptorosaurs is dark and evil.
Luckily she has 2 best sisters in the world and their names are Berryyummygirl and purplefireshine also they are kind and they are superheroes too.


  1. Hi Lillyana its Charlese I like the way you used lots of detail in your writing. By Charlese