Sunday, 15 November 2015

My Wonderful Weekend

After school on November the 5th my dad and mum bought  2  packs of sparklers as a joke and my brother walked pass the sparklers and he said boring then my the parents started laughing as it was a prank then they pulled out 2 Bad Boys firework box’es, costing  $250 for one. Me,my sister and brother looked in the the box and were so excited and could'nt wait for night time to lite them off.

So when it hit 9 o'clock we all put some warm clothes on to keep us warm and cozy. Then my dad loaded the Guy Fawkes into the car,then we drove up to my Grandmas house to share the fun fireworks  with my cousin over at there house..

We arrived at our destination,dad unloaded the guy fawkes to a safe location away from the house our cousin greeted us and that’s when the fun began,me and my sister started with the sparklers first and worked our way up to the bigger guy fawkes were my brother and cousin started first.

By the time me and my sister reached the bigger one’s Man i lit one with the supervision of my dad standing next to me holding the wick,Man it was awesome it was a massive “KAHBOOM-BANG”We had so much fun,with Bad boys guy fawkes it’s so noisy and very loud but also very colourful, better than the warehouse one’s, what an amazing nite like every other guy fawkes nite that we have every year,can’t wait for next year.

I hope you enjoyed my wonderful weekend story


  1. What a lovely story Lillyana - and what fun! You are very lucky kids having parents buy so many fireworks.
    Thank you for sharing the story of your fun weekend.

  2. that is so cool
    i wish i had fireworks like that