Friday, 6 November 2015

Immersion Assembly story

In the beautiful morning Rm 13 went to the hall.We were there because we had a special and th

immersion assembly.The teachers were dress up silly and crazy.

My favourite item was Team 1 because they did karaoke and they chose 10 people to come up the stage and sing so the song that they had to sing was Roar. So next thing they had to do was voting for the person they like.

My second  favourite was Mr Burt's because he was dressed up as a funny fiapoko parrot.So Mr Burt showed us a funny movie.Well the kids were eating lunch the fiapoko parrot came and a anoyed the kids. So the kids called the fiapoko parrot hunter came and cut the fiapoko's head off.Then the fiapoko parrot hunter came and cooked the fiapoko's head and it turned into KFC and they lived happily ever after.

I was really looking forward to learn and see my teacher and my friends. Also I just want to have a amazing start to term  4 and look what we are learning about.  

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