Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Writing 2017

Walt: write persuasively

Have you ever think that Tamaki needs to be a little bit better with birds don’t you think that? I think we should have more native birds around Tamaki because it adds more colour towards the tree’s and the place. Native birds are really important to Tamaki and not no native birds are not.

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I think that Tamaki should have kiwi to represented  New Zealand.  Kiwi’s are really important to New Zealand and Tamaki cause kiwi’s are the best. We should have more Kiwi’s than non Native Birds in Tamaki for sure.

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Tamaki Needs more Sacred Kingfisher in Tamaki. Sacred Kingfisher is the very best known bird in New Zealand. So Sacred Kingfisher should have be in Tamaki more than other birds in Tamaki.

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I think that we should have less of Seagull’s around Tamaki . Plus when you try to eat they come near the food that you are eating with your family they make noises and the fly on top of your head while you are trying to eat.

I think that Tamaki should be looked after and not to leave rubbish around Tamaki cause no one like’s to see rubbish around Tamaki and it pretty luck to see it. Pretty much i go to the bush walk with my family and just to be honest there is heaps of rubbish there. Sacred Kingfisher and kiwi ‘s  should always be around Tamaki and make sure to look after them.

Task description: our task in the class was to write  persuasively and why Tamaki should have less non nativebird sand more of the native  birds.

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