Tuesday, 7 March 2017

What is going to happen at camp

W.A.L.T : What’s going to happen at Camp.

Point England School is having their 27th annual camp at school. I am so excited because it is my first time going camp in my life.

Hoping for:
I am really hoping for is to get sleep with my friends and have fun together.
Also i am hoping for it it sunshine the whole. day to . Also i am so happy to see what we do and find out what actives we do for funnnest.

Looking forward too:
I am looking forward to play with my friends and team up with them. Also i am looking forward  to see i am going to sleep with too.

Nervous about:
I am nervous about dancing on stage because it is my first time going to camp. Also i am so  nervous about is if i know the dance fully before the night when i dance on stage.

Task Description : My Class Teacher Mr Goodwin said what do you think that is going to happen or what are you going to hope for when it’s time to go camp.  

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