Saturday, 7 October 2017

My Frist Road Trip Ever 2 Rotorua !!!

My Frist Road Trip Ever to Rotorua ....

On the 6th of October ......... It was a sunny bright morning first thing i had to do was get up and have breakfast after that we had to pack some food to take with us on our Road Trip to Rotorua . So i had decided to make my family some Sandwiches to take with us and we brang some drinks , Lollies and Chocolate . Before we had started our road trip we went to Panmure to do something and then we went to The Warehouse in Pakuranga to get Chips and i had buyed a chocolate and my brother buyed Pringles and the flavour was Green Curry and then went started our Road Trip to Rotorua …….. Heaps of Minutes later we on the motorway to Hamilton because we had to pass Hamilton to get to Rotorua and while my dad was driving the view's was Amazing and my mum took some pictures of the Views we saw ….. Later we got hungry so we ate our sandwiches that i made and it was yum!!! and we had like a little fest in our car . We reached Rotorua then my dad was driving to see where u could have our break and it was at Burger King . So then we went 4 a break and i got myself a Caramel Sundae . Then we were outta Burger King until my dad saw Wendy’s and then we went to Wendy’s and got us all Mate Rate for $5 so he ordered 5 of that 4 us to eat something . So then my dad found a spot 4 us to eat our food . So then my dad drove us all the way back home and we were happy to be back at Home ….. That was the End of My First Road Trip to Rotorua :) . …….

Look at the Presentation to see the Photo's we Took .........


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