Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Happy 96th Birthday to my Nana Last Night !!

Happy 96th Birthday to my Nana Last Night

Last Night was my Nana’s 96th Birthday  
So we all had to meet up at the Restaurant at Mankau it was funny because we had dinner and me and my sister had greens then after there we had a little bit of something else to eat then me and my brother and sister went to go get dessert and for dessert we had pancakes and I will so lucky because this girl took 4 pancakes and there are two left over and I got those last two and my brother said to me that I was lucky so then once I got my two pancakes I went to the station where I had but I yummy sauces and toppings for my pancake I chose caramel syrup and small chocolate bites on top of it so then I went to go sit back on my feet and start eating my dessert .  Once I have finished my sister told me if I wanted to go get ice cream with her so then once we went to get it there was no cones left as we look back our whole family was going to start singing Happy Birthday to our nana . Then me and my sister quickly came back to sing Happy Birthday to Nana  .  So then we singing Happy Birthday Day to our Nana .  We have finished singing Happy Birthday and my auntie and uncle decided to play   a game so  my auntie started to have got the tickets and I got purple 45  and my brother got 46 and my sister got 44 and my mum got 40 something .  It was funny because my sister number got called out in Tongan  and she had won  a  perfume and we were so happy for her .  So she's in my got up  and got to pick a number from the box so then she put the number out and she came back to sit down and my uncle reddit it out  and the number was 46 and that was my brother and he won a boy perfume and then me and my mum was lefted so a couple was left and my  uncle read out the number and it was 45 that was my number and  so i got up and my perfume & got to pick a number from the box and i sat down on the chair and a couple seconds or minutes later my mum’s number got called out and she got to come up to the front to get her perfume that she won also she got to pick a number out ….. So once the game was finished me and my Brother , Sister & mum was sooo happy that we won and then my mu was kind and she gave her perfume away to her friend because she felt sorry 4 her and then we took some picture and we went home but until then we went 2 my nana’s house and then we came back home & jumped on the internet but me and my mum dropped off some bread to my nana’s house and then couple minutes later we got off the net and we went to Sleep …..


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