Friday, 27 July 2018

Immersion Assembly .

Walt: using exciting language.

On Monday the 23th of July it was the First day back to school for Term 3 .  The Whole of Pt England School had to come to the Hall ready for an Immersion Assembly, We saw different kinds of Movies from all the Teams . Has your school ever had a Immersion Assembly while First day back to school ????

The School Theme for the Whole of this Term “Move Ya Body” . So Basically what I am thinking about this theme for the Term  is kinda about Dancing , Movement , Fitness because that's what The Teacher’s had did on the Stage .  Beyonce Burt as known as Mr Burt was Dancing on the stage along with Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobson .  I feel like this theme is more known for  Eating Healthy , Exercise , Movement , Hydration , Being Energetic and Active and much more . 

Team 4’s Topic is about Fitness ,  Healthy Life and being Active  .  Team 4 ‘s movie was about Being Active while creating fun Games . What I think about this movie it was great and it was funny too . My favourtive part of the movie was the part where Mrs Heger was doing the plank but when the camera turned she was standing up on the blue screen it was omozing . 

In my Opinion I really hope to learn about more of Exercises while being safe and to learn about eating healthy and more .  I Would want to go for more walk’s and scroll while we are walking . We should do that more often to get some exercise instead of sitting around . Also I would like to sometime’s go for a run or jog to somewhere then come back to class just to get some Air in our Lungs and to have a Breath also to have some exercise. 

I think for the whole New Term Theme Overall was Pretty Good To Be Honest . I Think that was a good choice to pick for the term because lately we need to get some exercise instead of sitting indoors . If I was to rate the Overall Theme I would Like to rate it 8.5 out of 10 . 

Task Description : Room 7 Litcery had to do a recount about What had happened on the Frist day of school which was an Immersion Assembly . First we had to write an Introduction then , Body Paragraph 1 , Body Paragraph 2 , Body Paragraph 3 , and last but not least an  Conclusion to end the Recount . 

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