Friday, 27 July 2018

Healthy lifestyle - Reading

Walt: find relevant information in the text.

Task Description : For this Task we had to read a Healthy 24 Hour Reading . After That we had to Find the Main Point's of the reading then we had to write the point of it into our answer's of the Question . Then we had to Write about our Life Style and what we do for the week and see if we are getting enough exercise and Sleep . 


  1. Hi Lillyana I was just going through your Healthy Lifestyle and I actually think it was amazing and what you are learning about it fantastic because it actually helps you with your brain and you'll have a healthy brain ready for school.

    1. Hi Maree ,
      Thank you so Much for the Awesome Comment !!!! God Bless you and Stay Safe with your Family and Friends Thx so Much !!!!

      Kind Regards ,