Thursday, 25 June 2015

Kiwisport Basketball

Every Tuesday after lunch Rm13 goes to Basketball in the hall with Coach Vinnie and Coach Shenice .

Coach Vinnie and Coach Shenice tell us about the warm up games we will play. Rm13 played stuck in the mud, octopus and green light and red light. We do warm up games to keep us fit and give us a fresh start to Basketball.

Coach  Vinnie taught us lots of skills like bongo drums, dribbling, traveling and being a waiter. I enjoyed doing bongo drums a lot because you can get tried but you get energy from bongo drums.

At the end of each lesson we played Girls vs Boys. So you stand in a line and the first team to score up to 5 get to do aeroplanes around the hall.

My Favourite part  was when we played the shooting game called Girls vs Boys for the title. I really enjoyed it and we really appreciate and Thank-you Coach Vinnie and Coach Shenice.

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  1. Hello,

    WoW! I can't believe you have basketball at your school. At the moment we have squash at our school. It will be nice to have basketball at our school too.

    From Nesi at Panmure Bridge School.