Thursday, 6 August 2015

Life Education Caravan

Yesterday Room 13 went to the Life Education caravan .We saw Harold and lynn. The Life Education caravan teaches us about our feelings and our bodies.

Lynn and Harold told us about our feelings. we looked at some photos and we looked at their faces to see how they felt. We all talked to our friends about the person's face to see if the person's face was happy, sad, lonely or angry.

Then Harold told Lynn to put on the cool lights with the song. The lights were blue, green, pink, yellow, red and purple. It was so amazing watching the lights go different colors. Once the stars came up everyone was so crazy because the glowing stars were shined on us.

We are so lucky to have Harold come to our school.Also thank-you for teaching us about your own feelings and bodies.Thank you for coming to Pt England School and we will always appreciate what you and Harold.

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  1. Wow nice picture Lillyana and great colour added to it,very nice keep up the awsome hard work.