Friday, 21 October 2016


Once a upon a time there was a girl named Miss Gataua.She asked her mother “ can I go to the Mother Nature Forest please”. Then her mother replied “back ok” ,but be back 6.05pm at night time.”Then Miss Gataua said “thank-you so much mum”.So Miss Gataua was told by her mother to take this basket full with lollies in it.Miss Gataua walked off and said "good-bye" to her mum and started her journey into Mother Nature Forest,she walked for 2 hours and decided that she should have a quick rest and break and eat some lollies before she carried on her walk.But when she was walking she checked her phone it was 5.40pm at night time. Miss Gataua carried on walking but until she noticed she was completely lost in the Mother Nature Forest, it was night time 7.00pm. Her mother became worried about her so she went  out to look for her, luckily Miss Gataua left a trail of footprint tracks.Miss Gataua was found by her mum eventually and was told by her mother “to never go back into mother nature forest again without me”ok” replied Miss Gataua and apologise to her mother “sorry”.Oct 21, 2016 12:15:38 PM.jpg

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  1. Kia ora Lillyana,what amazing picture you have I loved the way you put more information in your story. How long did it take to write this amazing story?