Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Newspaper Tower Writing 2017

Walt: write a recount about our experience.

Have you ever seen a Newspaper Tower before? Well i have not. My teacher might do something weird or crazy. But today our lesson was to make the tallest Newspaper Tower. I am going to say that it’s  going to be hard at the first start.

It was a normal Monday at school,but anyways i came into class and my teacher Mr Goodwin told that we were making News Paper Tower. So i am like “What” so anyways on second thought i am like i pretty much like what we are doing for the morning. So then Mr Goodwin give all of the intrusions to us like stand up and make a group of 4 to 5 or more people in your group and like you need Newspaper,tape,scissors and Teamwork mostly important.

When M Goodwin got the piece of paper he looked around to see who was sitting up in there group and it was my group in the back. So we got a piece of paper and a pencil from Mr Goodwin we started planning and our group didn't do that well at planning. but  anyways no one wanted to talk so we  finally   got   something to plan.I got to say that Kalita was the quietest out of all of the group.

Will me and my group started to build and we quit didn't know what to do. So then Chastity came up with an idea until time was RUNNING OUT. Kidney  enough Mr Goodwin gave us more time to build so i build-ed one and i stuff little ball of paper inside of it .   

Mr Goodwin announce the winner and we came 2nd out of all i was happy for my team.I learned i lot of things about learning this i learned Team Work and first time doing it . The next time i do this i really rather i want to do it by myself just for fun.
Newspaper, Paper, Pencil, Glasses, Reader

Task description : So today we are writing about New's paper Tower and it was fun to do a lot .

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