Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Race


Have you ever written about having a race before in the morning? Well it pretty much goes like this Mr Goodwin told that we are going to do a pretty lame quick experiment. I am like “What that’s boring to do” .

Mr Goodwin told us to put away our Chromebook on a table.Next Mr Goodwin told us to put our shoes on and line up in two line’s outside the classroom. So then Mr Goodwin and us walked to the field and I am like “ what so thought for a second  said to myself this is the lamest experiment  I have ever done in my life before” “ even  my sister experiment are better than this one”.

Once we got to the field Mr Goodwin told us  the instructions. Mr Goodwin said this is what you are going to do run to the gold post and run back and sit down. Pretty much i was talking to daisy  but on the other side I still managed to hear the instructions . Finally he said Go!

First I laugh but I don’t know why  but I was running with Amelia and Daisy.Once we reached the end of the far end gold post i just wanted to get it done with and just go and do my work all ready. I have finally reached the end of the gold post where Mr Goodwin was.

At the end i finally did it what i think of the Lamest experiment i give it a 5 out of 10 because it was lame that is why. But over all we all know it was all just for fun anyways.

Task description : We had to write a recount what we did today in the morning .


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