Monday, 3 April 2017

Insect vs Spider

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.

Once a upon a time there was a insect name the Hugbug and that was the insect name but there was not just the Hugbug there was a Spider the spider’s name was the Black Assassin Spider but they both lived in the wild together but they never knew each other .……

But a few week’s ago there was a big problem there was a scorpion watching the  Black Assassin Spider the Spider knew that he was in big trouble. So when the Scorpion got closer to the Black Assassin Spider the Spider started to think what he was going to do to get away from the Scorpion and not to eat him . Once the Spider think to himself he said “HELP HELP ANYONE HELP!!! “

Once again the Insect named the HugBug came to save the Black Assassin Spider held something coming his way. The Black Assassin Spider was thinking what could it be can it be a another Scorpion to eat me or something that could save my life either what count it be anyways.

Later that moment the HugBug was near the Spider and the Scorpion and he said “ i better save that Spider’s life before it get’s eaten by the Scorpion”. So the Bug went towards the Spider and Scorpion and the Bug was stronger than the Scorpion  so the Bug punched , kicked , triple punch the Scorpion  then the Scorpion  was dead lying on the ground in the wild.

Once the Scorpion  was dead lying on the ground the Black Assassin Spider said “ Thank-you for saving my life from getting eaten from and then the HugBug said “No worries”. Then the Black Assassin Spider and the HugBug said “should we have a picnic together to celebrate you saving my life today and friendship . They both lived their life happily and save towards the wild world that they are in. THE END 

Task Description : Mrs Stickland told us to write a story about your Insect and Spider that you have created  in class for reading time

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  1. Hey Lilly I really like your story about your bug and Spider, It really sound interesting when I read the 3 paragraph, I hope to see you comment more on my blog and that you post great things on your blog. I really liked the way you comment on my blog so me commenting on your blog was quiet a while. Anyways thank you for sending me an amazing comment. Your friend Hinerangi...