Monday, 17 April 2017

Acting the Emoji Part 2

Last night Lillyana , Jahzara and Amelia did a presentation about acting the emoji. Amelia said that she wanted to do  do another presentation about Emoji ‘s so she asked Lillyana and Jahzara, we said yes so we called it Acting the Emoji Part 2 and yes we have did part 1 if you have not checked it out we will leave a link down below but anyways try this out with your Family and Friends and  Stay tuned for more blog posts coming. Please Leave a Comment on this Presentation that Lillyana, Jahzara and Amelia. We have worked on this so hard so have a great day with your Family :)
BYE !!


  1. Fantastic this is awesome girls! I love how you have collaborated on this together! Very funny!
    What will you come up with next?

    1. Part 3 and thx for the nice comment Mr Goodwin