Friday, 7 April 2017


Walt: write narrative using descriptive language.
INTRO:  On a sunny Thursday Mrs Stickland was our teacher. But she had a package in the bucket that no knew what was it it was scary cause what happened if we ate bugs they are alive . I think it was something that had to be a surprise for the whole class.
Mrs Stickland started to pour some crickets on to the napkin with some chocolate flavored mud. Bethan went first so she picked one up and put it into the chocolate flavored mud and ate it and it was crunchy she said and i really don’t want to try one at all.
I will never eat crickets in my life because that are disgusting just by looking at it so i would never eat crickets for the rest of my life and never to be repeated.
Task Description : Yesterday Mrs Stickland and room 7 had eaten Insects in room 7 for our Bug experiment for all the bugs thing we have been doing past the few week's. I got to say it was surprising for me to see the bugs come out of the packet.

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