Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Castaway Story

Walt: Write from the 1st person.

Introduction :
I was on a  Lifeboat but till then something really bad happened. We were near the Stranded Island but then the Lifeboat had Broken down and POP . So Once the Boat Broke down i had to get off the Boat and get to the  Stranded Island walking in the water . I was Shocked because i never knew that the Boat that i was in had broken down . So i got to the Island and i feel lonely and worried…….

Shelter :
I had to find some things that were on the Stranded Island i went for a walk and i gather up some vines to tie everything up and some sticks and Flax’s once i got everything i needed i went to a nice place on the Island and started to Build my Shelter . I started to build a roof and move on to the floor once i was done . I quickly build what i needed but i had no idea i never got food before so then………...

Food :
I went hunting for food on the stranded Island so i had gather all up some sticks long and short to use . I Look up and i saw Coconuts in the tree so i had to find a way to get to the Coconuts in the tree’s so i went looking for Vines and tie them up together and i climbed up the coconut tree by putting up feet on the tree and moving the vine up and up until i got there. Once i had reached to the top i had to hit the coconut so it will fall down and i got 4 to 5 coconuts from the tree.

Signal :
I had to make a signal for someone to come and help me get off the stranded Island so i just came up with a bright idea but i had to get some green leaves for the signal to stand out from above. So i had to write block letters saying HELP and leave some gaps so i can fill up the gaps with Bright Green Leaves a hour later i had finished making the Signal .

Conclusion/ Rescue:
2 days later i saw something fly up in the sky and what did i hear i heard a loud noises coming up from the sky and it was a helicopter and it had seen my Help Signal so the Helicopter low down to come and save me from the stranded Island and i was so Happy to Leave the stranded Island and return back to my home land so my friends and family can see me again.

Task Description : This a story about Castaway and Castaway is a movie that you and your family can watch together but in this Castaway story it is me in a Island Needing to get Help for anyone or someone i really hope you have enjoyed this Castaway Story and have a lovely and Blessed day with your Family and Friends.


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