Thursday, 13 July 2017

What would we have for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner and Dessert :) .


  1. Hey Lillyana!

    Wow this so so amazing!All of the food looks yummy I just want to take it out of the screen.It looks like you,Madison and Aneelis have been working very hard on this.

    I like how Aneelis has her slides moving as well as her pictures that makes it super cool.
    Madison desserts are my favourite because I am a chocolate person.
    Lillyanas slides are just as amazing as Aneelis and Madison (well they are all amazing)But Lillyanas food looks the best I just want to go and buy me some.

    I hope that you had fun making the slides together and have an amazing rest of your holidays,stay safe and GOD BLESS YOU!!

    1. Thanks Leilani ,
      Leilani Thanks for commenting on Me , Madison 's and Aneelis 's work u have said a lot of nice things about this work that we have done thanks for cheeking out my blog too

      I hope u have a Amazing rest of your hoildays with your family and friends stay warm , Safe GOD BLESS U LEILANI
      See u at school on the 24th of july :)

      Your Friend :
      Lillyana G

    2. Hey Lillyana

      Thanks for replying to my comment.I miss all of our friends so much I can't wait to get back to school.I hope you stay warm and stay safe GOD BLESS YOU!!

      Your friend

    3. Hey Leilani ,
      Thank u for cheeking out my blog and commenting on it too i miss my friends too and i just can't wait to get back to school . I hope u have a blessed day and stay warm and safe always GOD BLESS U LEILANI

      Your friend
      ~~~ Lillyana ~~~~~