Thursday, 3 August 2017

Solar System !!!!!!

W.A.L.T - We are learning about the solar system in the right order !!!

Task Description : Welcome to my Blog :) ............ Today Room 6 Maths has been learning all about the Solar System because as your theme for this term is the Gadurdains of the Galaxy ( GOFTG ) I founded this really cool to do and i hope we do something like this again ..........................
Thanks for Cheeking my out my Blog Come again :)
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  1. Hi Lillyana, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the activity. You're right, Earth is the best planet, because it has life on it! Do you think you would need to bring a space mask to Jupiter?

    1. Hi Mrs Scanlan
      Yes i had forgot to bring a spacemask sooooo sorry :)

    2. Yes Mrs Scanlan i will put that in now :)