Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Pt England School Cross County Fun Run !!!

Walt: structure a recount.

On Friday the 1st of September last week everyone at Pt England School did our School  Cross Country Fun Run Race .  It was soaking wet & Muddy and Hot . How did u go on your Cross Country ??

Walking to the hot , Hard netball courts , we had to find our line which i was in Yr 5 Girls line and i was sitting next to my friends . I was feeling Nervous . Until my sister brang my mum’s umbrella to me and i putted it up and holded it under with my friends . Well sitting on the hard hot netball waiting & talking and Supporting the younger one ‘s . Until Mrs Nua called up the yr 5 Girls Up to the starting line .

Body 1 :
Already at the starting line Mr Burt Clapped the Clapper and I was Sprinting to towards the orange arrow pointing right so i follow were the arrow’s were pointing . Until I got out of the school gates there were chunks of big wet muddy Puddles everywhere and my feet was a mess with mud . Jogging with my friend we were getting tired so we walked and then jogged . Seconds later a got a medium stitch where my bone was i knew i had to finish the race so i tried my best and my mum was cheering me and my friend on and supporters too . Me and my friend was about to finish the cross the line and i had Finished the Fun Run Race .

Body 2 :
After the race me and my friends sat down at the front and we supporting and cheering on  the 6 , 7 , 8 finishing off their races .  Minutes later everyone had finished all thrie races and we got sended by classes if our teacher was there . On our way back walking to class . Mrs Scanlan gave us all intrusion yo to follow and we did it . Once we had finished cleaning up the classrooms we came back onto our homerooms  . Then Mr Somerville played a game and then our lovely teacher sended us all home .

Conclusion :
What did i learn i have learn that trying your best and not giving up and no matter what finish off the race like all champions even if you don’t make the top 3 at least u have finish off the Race . What i would differently next time i would run trying my best and not walk but jog .  That was the story of our school cross country school fun run race .

                                                                           Lol Naomi is OLT Only the Loney # OTL #

Task Description :   On Friday the 1st of September the whole of Pt England School did your School Cross County . If u are wondering what is Cross County let me tell u . Cross County is where your school makes a course for your year level and then u have to run it   . For this Task the Handsome Mr Goodwin said to write a Recount about our School Cross County what u did , Learned , Did i founded this Task so fun cause i wanted to tell u guys about this amazing event we did at our school . 

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