Friday, 19 August 2016

Colour poem

Pink tastes like raspberry.
Pink sounds like brilliant fireworks.
Pink smells like beautiful flowers.
Pink feels like a cotton candyfloss.
Pink looks like a milkshake.
Pink is my favourite colour.
Red tastes like sweet strawberries.
Red looks pt england jumper.
Red smells like red rose.
Red feels like my heart.
Red sounds like love.Red is my favourtive colour because it stands for TONGA!!.

Yellow tastes like pineapple.
Yellow looks like a Giraffe..
Yellow feels like trophies.
Yellow sounds like wood.
Yellow is my favourite colour because it stands for Niue!!!
Green tastes like Mountain Dew
Green look like hulk
Green sounds like a frog
Green feels like grass
Green is my favorite colour because it stands for houlke’a.

Blue tastes like blueberry
Blue looks like the sky
Blue sounds the sea
Blue feels like rain drops.

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