Friday, 26 August 2016

Last game of Netball:)

Today I am so Excited for my last game of netball and I love netball and I don't want it to end forever.Also we are Versing Holy cross Diamonds at 5.10pm and then we are going to vers the princess at 5.30pm so I think that it is going to be a Tough game tonight. Our Year 4 Diamonds Netball Team has been featable ever since netball started this year I hope we will win our last game today. Yay!! We won both games we won by 10 to us and 4 to Holy Cross Diamonds and then we just beat the princess by 2 points the score was 7 to us and 5 to the princess.But first i would like to say that thank you for playing with u and well done even do you lose you are still a winner no matter what.

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  1. Hi lillyana I love you writing and your google slides I also liked that you put Pictures of the people in your netball team and I also liked that you said that you where in the year 4 diamonds
    From Marie and Deelani.2