Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Create your own Kayak

Walt: make connections with what we already know with what we read.

“I Have chosen a turquoise colour Slalom K1 with a turquoise base with an Black outline. I have chosen to place 12 Hawaii flowers in the colour black in random places where is it blank also i have chosen to put a strip of black too.
I think this Kayak by kids who really want to get in kayaking  .  This Kayak is easy to do and is Simple but i say it's a nice looking Kayak for Kids

Task Description : For this Task Room 7 had to make your own Kayak using a website and you can make your own Kayak in the ( Link ) Make your Own Kayak and this was so fun to do and i would do this again if we get to do this and have a happy Blessed Saft day with your Family and Friends.

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