Thursday, 1 June 2017

Delightful Chocolate Crumble !!!!!!

Walt: express our personal opinions.

A day with Delightful Chocolate Crumble.

Introduction:If I had got a Delightful Chocolate Crumble I would eat it for breakfast instead of Cereal and Milk  .

Describe the product:
The Brand  was Delightful Chocolate Crumble . The Price for the  Delightful Chocolate Crumble is $3.99 for a whole block. This comes in 2 flavors in one block of chocolate and that is White and Normal Chocolate.

Your impression of the product:
The Delightful Chocolate Crumbled . It looked like The top was White Chocolate and the bottom of the chocolate was Normal Chocolate . It smelt like 2 chocolates that is Combined chocolates that you can smell at the same time. It  much tasted like White Chocolate and Normal Chocolate but when I  took the second bit it kinda taste like Caramel the aftertaste .

I think to the way that the  Chocolate made is great because it its not too sweet but just the way how i like it so i like how the chocolate is made no changes need to be made .

I would give this Chocolate 1 out of 10 a 8 out of a 10 because the flavor have really combined together nicely.
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My Chocolate Picture :
Task Description : yesterday Room 7 had got chocolate and we had to get numbered by our Handsome teacher Mr Goodwin had told us our number's and i was number 1 this was a great fun thing to do i wish we can do more of this again sometimes have a lovely blessed day with your Family and Friends.

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